Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health (FSRH), Belfast 3-4 April 2014

BritSPAG has, once again, taken part in the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive  Health (FSRH).

This year, the venue was the Waterfront Centre in Belfast, a magnificent location for the 250 delegates to learn, plan and network.

BritSPAG was represented by Dr. Diana Fothergill, Dr. Lih-Mei Liao and Dr. Brigid Hayden, who delivered lectures on the topics of Oligomenorrhoea, Concerns about genital appearance, and Prepubertal vaginal discharge, respectively.

The BritSPAG session was well received by the audience comprising doctors, nurses and allied professionals, from a wide background of hospital and community specialties.

The 2-day conference covered an eclectic selection of topics, ranging through contraceptive methods, transgender health issues, menstrual disturbance, pre-menstrual syndrome and, of course, aspects of paediatric & adolescent gynaecology.

Everyone, including the conference organisers, the local delegates and the staff of the Waterfront venue, gave us a very warm welcome, leaving us with very pleasant memories of our trip to Belfast, and encouraging us to pay a visit again soon.

The conference dinner, hosted by the Mayor of Belfast, took place within easy walking distance of the Waterfront, in the splendid setting of the Belfast City Hall. This building dates back to the early 20th. Century, before the partition of Ireland.

May Blood, Baroness Blood of Blackwatertown, MBE, gave an inspiring welcome speech, outlining her longstanding work towards peace and equality. Born and raised in Belfast, she expressed her personal delight at hosting such a prestigious conference in her home town.

Following a delicious 3-course meal, we were entertained by a local band, delivering a selection of Irish and American music; some of us joined in the singing, and many of us danced late into the night.

Encouraged by our highly enjoyable evening among new-found friends, the three BritSPAG speakers took the stage bright and early the following morning, to deliver our presentations to a full house.

We eagerly anticipate further joint ventures with the FSRH.

Brigid Hayden FRCOG, 05.04.2014