FIGIJ Survey

FIGIJ is an organisation who has a vision of creating a global community with common interest in paediatric and adolescent gynaecology.

This is a short survey which they would appreciate if you could fill it in.and send to them via email


                         We are FIGIJ:


The mission of FIGIJ is to improve the reproductive health of young people by raising the bar for clinical care, research and education in the field of pediatric and adolescent gynecology.  FIGIJ serves as an organization designed to unite all countries and individuals working towards this shared mission. 

Your FIGIJ board wishes to know how we, as an organization, can best help you to improve the reproductive health of youth globally. We would love your answers to the following questions to help us best meet your needs.  You are FIGIJ, too, and we would love you and your society/colleagues to join us in our efforts.

-          What are your key PAG priorities in your country?

-          What could FIGIJ do practically and realistically to help you? 

-          Name of your country?

-          Name of PAG association, if it exists in your country?

-          Is your PAG association a member of FIGIJ       Yes___   No___    Not sure____

-          If not, would you like to join FIGIJ?    Yes      No     

-          Name _________________________ and email ___________________

Please send your completed surveys, thoughts and updates to

With great appreciation for all you do in the field of PAG,


Ellen S. Rome, MD, MPH                                                                                                   President, FIGIJ                                                                                                      


Posted on behalf of FIGIJ